CASE Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The continuing mission of the Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly is to help contractors and service providers inform and influence public policy to improve services for seniors.

  • The core membership of CASE shall be nonprofit service providers, and the central focus shall be budget and public policy advocacy for the city’s senior services. Associate members from agencies, government, private providers and individuals expand the breadth and scope of CASE.

  • While focusing on services to seniors, CASE will work to expand community support for younger disabled adults, and will collaborate with CADA (Community Alliance of Disability Advocates) to develop an integrated community-based service system.

CASE is the recognized focal point for leadership, information and expertise on public policy and issues affecting older adults.

CASE is a public voice for seniors and service providers, and an advisor and resource for San Francisco government Commissions and Departments, ensuring that the elder perspective is considered in all aspects of public decision-making.


Budget Process

  • The Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly supports budget and public policy advocacy for the needs of seniors, and CASE and its member agencies will fight to retain and expand services for seniors and disabled adults across the board.

Public Policy

  • CASE will lead advocacy efforts to protect and increase funding for community-based senior services in the San Francisco city budget, and inform and educate decision-makers and the community about the importance of funding services to seniors and define the impact of budget cuts on the elderly and disabled San Franciscans we serve.

  • CASE will liaison and/or collaborate with other organizations to: 1.) educate and inform decision-makers and the community; 2.) convene leaders in the community; and 3.) advocate for issues of seniors by pro-actively framing the issues and organizing voices to convey our message.

  • CASE will inform and educate the public and policymakers on how seniors can stay in the community with the support of community services.



  • CASE will stay informed and communicate with our members about local, state and federal issues that affect the seniors we serve.

  • CASE will continue to provide regular reports and recommendations to the Commission on Aging & Adult Services and the Office on the Aging and will report to other City departments as needed.

Advocate for the Value of Community Services

  • CASE will emphasize the cost-effectiveness of our community-based services, which extend the effect of government support with matching private funds, in-kind goods and services.

  • CASE will emphasize the changing needs of seniors, including the recognized need for new programs.

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