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The Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly (CASE) represents more than 45 agencies that provide a continuum of services to senior citizens, the largest and fastest growing group of San Francisco residents. These services allow people to age in place with dignity and with the support structures necessary to thrive. Many CASE members leverage private resources to supplement government investments.

We recognize that we are living through one of the most challenging economic environments in 70 years. However, it is precisely in these times that our most vulnerable citizens, including the elderly, need our help the most. As we make tough decisions in the short-term it is important that we remember the following key facts:


  • The elderly and adults with disabilities are among the poorest residents in San Francisco - most live on less than $1,000 each month - and face additional challenges based on their disabilities and frailty.

  • We cannot afford to dismantle a continuum of care that will be needed to serve the greatest expansion of the senior population in our history. Seniors and people with disabilities make up 25% of the City's population. By 2025, 1 in 5 of San Francisco residents will be over the age of 65 and the number of residents over the age of 85 will double.

  • Programs that serve the elderly and adults with disabilities provide a SAFETY NET keeping seniors in the community and saving money by preventing costly alternatives to home-based care.

  • Programs that serve the elderly and adults with disabilities have absorbed disproportionate cuts in the budget process.  All the financial tightening has endangered the safety net and any cuts this year will certainly eliminate necessary and needed services.


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