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The Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly (CASE) is a non-profit, professional organization of agencies and individuals who are committed to protecting and enhancing services to older adults and adults with disabilities in San Francisco.


Our mission is to be the most informed and influential voice in San Francisco to ensure services for seniors and adults with disabilities are valued, protected and enhanced.  We collaborate with our policymakers and government bodies to support CASE with effective public policies and adequate funding so that our vulnerable senior and disabled residents continue to live safely and thrive.

We recognize that we are living through one of the most challenging economic environments in 70 years. However, it is precisely in these times that our most vulnerable citizens, including older adults and adults with disabilities, need our help the most.

About CASE

The Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly (CASE) is 40 years old this year. CASE was formed in 1976, during an era when American activism and activists took on the Vietnam War, and Civil Rights. In San Francisco, a group of service providers and advocates came together to make sure seniors’ needs were met and agencies serving the elderly were viable. These agencies advocated for continued, fairly dispensed funding when there was a real concern that funding for senior social service programs would be discontinued in the City.


The positive energies of 60’s activism could be perceived in the Nixon Administration as well, and after the Nixon White House Conference on Aging 1971, the San Francisco Commission on the Aging received money from both the federal and state governments to provide services for seniors. As a result, CASE was established. It could be the first coalition of aging service providers in the country.


CASE actively participated in the reorganization of Commission on the Aging, Needs Assessment, and program planning. Programs, such as money management and elder abuse programs were the direct results of the work of CASE members. 


Today, CASE carries on the legacy of those early years, and some of CASE’s initial founders still work with San Francisco seniors and adults with disabilities.

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